Thursday, 14 July 2022
09:15-12:00, Zentralbibliothek, Seminarraum A

Workshop: Dealing with FAIR Data

Workshop by Paola Masuzzo

In the "Dealing with FAIR data" workshop, we will look at best practices, tools, and tips for imple­menting FAIR Data in your everyday research.

In the first part, we will explore together what data are, we will have a look at their life cycle, and of course at the FAIR principles' framework. We will see the difference amongst Open data, FAIR data, linked data, data curation, preservation, and management. Once the terminology is set, we will dive into a series of practical sessions (bring your laptop along!) to see the FAIR principles in action: persistent identifiers, data repositories, APIs, human-readable & machine-readable, open data formats & licences are some things we will cover.

The second part will be about your research data and how to FAIRify them (bring along a dataset, too, if you want!).

Bonus track (if time allows): FAIR in the era of social machines.


  • Masuzzo

    Dr. Paola Masuzzo

    Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE)

    Paola Chiara Masuzzo was born in Italy and works as a data scientist in Belgium. Masuzzo is an advocate of Open Science and independent researcher at IGDORE, where she promotes open research and knowledge. She's a big fan of Open Data and the tv series Seinfeld.