Monday, 11 July 2022
09:15-10:45, RAA-G-01

Introduction to Open Science / Open Science practices

Lecture by Manuela Höfler and Katherine Hermans

"Open science is the movement to make scientific research accessible". That sounds good, but what does that mean? Or even more precise, what does that mean for you? In this very first lecture of the week, we discuss the basics and philosophy of Open Science and why it is important, laying the ground for the rest of the week. The session will be interactive as we would like to hear views and experiences from the participants.

  • Höfler

    Manuela Höfler

    Open Science Office, University of Zurich

    Manuela Höfler is the co-director of the Open Science Office at the University of Zurich. She previously worked as a communications officer for the Swiss Federal Archives, which built up the federal open data portal.

  • Hermans

    Katherine Hermans

    Open Science Office, University of Zurich

    Katherine Hermans is the co-director of the Open Science Office of University of Zurich. She is a former journalist and founder of the organization "Global Changemakers", which supports social projects by young people.