Tuesday, 12 July 2022
11:15-12:00, RAA-G-01

SNSF Open Research Data Policy

Lecture by Lionel Perini

In October 2017, the SNSF introduced its open research data (ORD) policy. SNSF-funded researchers have to make their data publicly accessible, provided there are no legal or ethical issues that stand in the way. The SNSF published its first monitoring report in 2020. Lionel Perini will present the main aspects of the SNSF ORD Policy and will give an overview of the first experiences since the introduction of the policy.

  • Perini

    Dr. Lionel Perini

    Swiss National Science Foundation

    Lionel Perini holds a PhD in Economics and works as a Scientific Officer for the humanities and social sciences division of the Swiss National Science Foundation in Berne. He co-authored the SNSF monitoring report 2017-2018 on Open Research Data.