Monday, 24 August 2020
11:15-12:00, RAA-G-01

Plenary Discussion: We are Open! Are You? – How Can I Open My Research?

Lecture by Mark Robinson and Marc Thommen

The first morning of the Summer School ended with a plenary discussion about the issues raised in the previous talks. One topic of discussion was whether open peer review is a useful practice. Both advantages and disadvantages were voiced: while people agreed that it can make the process more transparent, some were concerned about reviews not being as honest because there can be a certain pressure if people know who wrote a review, especially with prestigious senior researchers. Furthermore, the participants discussed, if the most prestigious journals also publish the best research and if research is assessed more on the bases of the journal of publication, or the actual «body of work». In both cases, the consensus was that it highly depends on the field and culture of the discipline.

The last big discussion of the morning resolved around the topic of how Open Science can become the new normal. Important factors that were mentioned to this regard were that people need training in these issues, incentives should be institutionalized, and that the movement both needs bottom-up, as well as top-down support and initiatives.

    • Robinson

      Prof. Dr. Mark Robinson

      Open Science Delegate UZH

      Mark Robinson is Professor of Statistical Genomics. Robinson specializes in Open Data and Open Code and is an advocate for open access to research data and software. He is an Open Science delegate of the University of Zurich, together with Marc Thommen.

    • Thommen

      Prof. Dr. Marc Thommen

      Open Science Delegate UZH

      Marc Thommen is Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. Thommen is a specialist in Open Access, an enthusiastic supporter of free access to scientific publications, and publishes the Open Access journal sui generis. He is an Open Science delegate of the University of Zurich, together with Mark Robinson.