Friday, 28 August 2020
09:15-10:00, RAA-G-15 (Zoom)

Practising Open Science: OpenAIRE's Perspective

Lecture by Iryna Kuchma

Iryna Kuchma, EIFL Open Access Program Manager, introduced Open AIRE, a platform that helps practicing Open Science. The platform tries to bridge the worlds where science is performed and where it is published. In order to do so, it offers services for all stakeholders in Open Science: support (researchers, scientists), accelerate (content providers, research infrastructures), and monitor (funders, institutions, RIs, initiatives, 3rd parties).

Open AIRE has different programs and projects to cover these areas. One of them is the Open AIRE Research Graph, an open metadata research graph of interlinked scientific products with e.g. access right information, links to funding information, and research communities. The project collects metadata, links, and full-texts from more than 12’000 sources worldwide to materialize a graph where entities of the research lifecycle are linked to each other. By now, they have 450 million harvested records, 500 million bi-lateral links, and 13 million full-texts.

Other platforms that Open AIRE offers are Open AIRE Provide (a one-stop-shop web service for content providers, i.e. with repositories, data archives, journals, aggregators, CRIS systems); Open AIRE Explore (service for researchers to find publications and data); Open AIRE Connect (an Open Research gateway for community building, e.g. with a Covid-19 disease collection or discipline specific sections); guides for researchers; ARGOS (helps to create DMPs and dataset descriptions); and Amnesia (data anonymization tool). Moreover, Open AIRE is involved with a network of Open Access desks, Open Access policy building, citizen science activities (e.g. work with high schools), offers webinars, and provides information on publishers that do not ask for APCs.

  • Kuchma

    Iryna Kuchma

    Electronic Information for Libraries, OpenAIRE

    Iryna Kuchma is the Open Access Programme Manager at EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries), as well as the Regional Coordinator East and Training Officer on the management team of OpenAIRE. Furthermore, she is a member of the advisory board of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the Open Library of the Humanities Internationalisation Committee, and the PLOS International Advisory Group.