Monday, 24 August 2020
14:15-15:00, RAA-G-01

Open Science: Transparent and Reproducible

Lecture by Eva Furrer

Eva Furrer, Managing Director of the Center for Reproducible Science, discussed the issue of reproducibility in Open Science. According to a survey, a large percentage of studies cannot be reproduced or has considerable deviation in results. The aim of her talk was to foster awareness about potential problems and promote good research practices. Furrer outlined seven steps towards transparent and reproducible research: 1. create your own Open Science Framework account, 2. pre-register your own studies, 3. make your materials and methods transparent and available, 4. make your research data publically available, 5. make your analyses transparent and your results reproducible, 6. provide Open Access and make pre/postprints available, and 7. do Open Research and talk about it.

Furrer subsequently used a cyclic description of the scientific method as a guide to discuss potential threats to reproducibility and how to overcome them. She argued that if you adhere to the reproducible guidelines you get closer to Open Science. Moreover, one is transparent about all stages of the research prior, during, and after publication through an open hypothesis at pre-registration, open and FAIR data publishing, open source software for transparent results, Open Access publications, and postprints.

  • Furrer

    Dr. Eva Furrer

    Center for Repro­ducible Science at UZH

    Eva Furrer is the managing director of the Center for Reproducible Science (CRS) at the University of Zurich. Furthermore, Furrer is a scientific staff member at the Epistemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute. She specializes in statistics, reproducibility, and Open Science.